Monday, May 16, 2011

Winding Down...

Well...this school year is winding down
and the countdown to summer is on!!

The kids were going to have to extend their school
day to make up time that we lost after the tornado outbreak
but the school's were allowed to apply for
"forgiveness" from the state to not have to make up the days.
Austin's school was approved so they only had to have one
extended day.  Some school systems do have to makeup the time.
But luckily we do not.
We have still been busy getting last minute grades in,
taking every bit of extra credit he can get his hands on,
and counting down until the last day!

Tomorrow is awards day at school
and then they have Field Day on Thursday,
we hope.
They originally had it planned for last Friday,
but we had thunderstorms instead.
Then she rescheduled for today,
but it is cold and rainy...
We have been having a few days in the 90's
with lots of sunshine...
but today it is only suppose to be 60
with rain and clouds, so not a good day
to play outside all day!

After this week we have his End of the Year party
and we will say Goodbye to Elementary School!!!
I can't believe that Austin will be in Middle School
next year...time sure does fly by!

But before the end of school,
I have LOTS of laundry to do
and general cleaning to get done!!

You would think with as much laundry that
we have that 42 people live in this house!

This is what I had lined up to do a few days ago,
I was on a roll....
Several loads of dress clothes to be washed and laid out
to dry....

I found these Hamilton Beach drying racks
a couple of years ago at Ross
and I absolutely
I bought one and used it and immediately
went on a search for another!
I found one and bought another for me and one for
my mom...who has not taken her's out of the box!
I just don't understand that...
and yes...I have told her is she ever decided to get
rid of it, she better give it back to me.
Then we found them on clearance at our local CVS store for
and yes...I bought every last one they had!
Scott thought I was nuts, but I used those for gifts.
They will dry a sweater in no time flat.
They have four racks that attach to a drying tower.
Pop the rack in, lay your sweaters out,
and in a couple of hours,
they are dry!!

But the other day I had so many clothes to hang dry,
my little dryers were not enough.

And then my bed looked like I was cleaning out the closet,
but I was trying to stuff more in there...
Even after my great closet clean out a few months ago,
I think I could still find a few things to pack up!

So, the other day when I started this marathon laundry session,
my dryer started making a funny noise...
So I called Scott.
I figured my dryer would be like the car and
only make the noise when he wasn't listening.
He didn't' answer his phone.
So I left him a message and told him what was up
"call me when you have a minute"

A few minutes later he called.
I held up the phone and let him listen and
then I heard the words I thought I would never hear...

"STOP using the dryer!"

What , huh?
I had 6 more loads to do,
what do you mean STOP!
He pulled it out later that evening and found that
it was only a loose screw so after an easy fix we
were back in the laundry business!

But now after a busy weekend,
I feel like I never got anything done last week
and 6 more loads are waiting for me again...
so I'm off to do laundry!
It's raining today, so I guess I'll get on it!

Have a wonderful week!!!

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