Monday, May 23, 2011

Bruises, Bumps and Boo-Boo's

Well Summer has arrived,
and so have the skinned knees,
bug bites, and bruises
that go along with
having little boys!

I decided that I was going to organize
my first aid supplies.
I had some things in the kitchen,
some in the linen closet,
and some in the bathroom.

I figured that one general place would be better.

I gathered up the supplies that were in the linen closet

Then I got together the new supplies that I thought
I needed to have in a first-aid kit for boys!

Combined them all together and started taking
things out of the box...I figured that they would fit better
in my box...

Lots of trash and expired things to
be thrown away!

Then I loaded everything up into my
little plastic storage box.

Had a cute little vinyl label made to
tell us what is in the box...

And there we have it!
Everything we need for
Bruises, Bumps and Boo-Boo's
all in one place!!!

I think I am going to do another box for
Sniffles, Sneezing and Snotty Noses
and keep all of our
cold and allergy supplies inside.

I am starting to make a loooooong list of
projects that I plan on tackling once school is out.
Since I'll have an extra set of eyes on Jackson
maybe I can get a few things done!
We'll see!

Happy Monday!


  1. That looks great! Amazing the amount of expired meds we end up with isn't it? I did a post not too long ago on the medicine cabinet and was amazed myself. I love the container you used. So cute. I actually just cleaned out the kids bathroom closet and have a bunch of bandaging supplies from there that I still have to find a new home for. Your container inspired me!
    Thanks for linking up to my Organizing Mission Link party.

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