Wednesday, May 25, 2011

School's OUT for SUMMER!!!!!

That's right....!!!

Today was Austin's end of the year party
for 6th grade.
They do not have an official
6th grade graduation so they had a
graduation themed party instead.
Mrs. Hall gave them a diploma
and the class voted on a
6th grade who's who!

Austin was voted the
Techno Whiz Kid award
and the Video Gamer...
not so sure I like the video game award
but the kid knows his computers!

Special treats for their party

Hanging out with friends in the lunchroom
waiting to fill their plates!

Jackson was so excited to sit with Austin at his
desk and listen to the awards and watch the
end of the year video.
And I was so proud of Jackson for
sitting so still!
He just watched and clapped along
when the big kids would.


And I got one last picture of Austin and Mrs. Hall.
He wouldn't let me come in on the first day of school and
take a picture...he told me that was not cool in 6th grade.
But I got a quick snapshot on the last day.

Look out summer....
Here we come!!!
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