Monday, May 30, 2011

Many Reasons to Celebrate

Today we were finally able to celebrate
Jackson's 3rd Birthday with our family.
We were out of town on his actual birthday
and then the time got away from us
and the tornadoes came and Uncle Jeff was
working from sun up to sun down and then
Scott has been helping several with clean up and rebuilding
so a party just slipped us by.

But today we were able to cook out with family
and celebrate his big day.

Jackson loves anything with wheels so when
we showed him the tractor cake he decided that would
be best for his big birthday!

This picture totally cracked me up...
Austin wanted to light the candles on the cake,
so I let him...
Kerri is not looking so sure!!
Ha Ha...she's thinking, he's gonna burn his hand off!!!

When we started to sing, Jackson ducked his head.
He's so funny.
Any time we start to sing the Happy Birthday song,
whether it is to him or not,
he hides his head.  It's too funny.

Time to blow out the candles!
Three big candles on the cake!

Kerry, Jackson and Austin...
Say Cheese!

Jackson was all about some cake and ice cream!

After dinner we headed out to the back yard for some
Frisbee and football in our polka dotted yard.
Scott sprayed some spots in the yard and
 you really could not see them,
and then he fertilized the yard...
and it turned really green...
and the spots looked really yellow.
Oh a few weeks we'll have a
green yard once again.

After the party guest headed home,
Jackson headed back out front to try out a
birthday present from Aunt Leisa.

light up bubbles are way cool!

My Three Men!
They are the best.
Austin was such a big helper today and Scott
grilled us up a tasty dinner!
I would be lost without them!

A beautiful sunset after a beautiful day!
It was nice to take a break from reality for a while
and just enjoy being together and relax.
A time to be thankful for our health,
our family and the freedom we enjoy.

Happy Memorial Day!
And Happy Belated Birthday, Jackson!

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