Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Award's Day

The end of the school year is almost here.
Yesterday was awards day at school.
It was also the Senior Class's last chapel.
I can never make it through chapel
 on Awards Day without crying.
The Senior boys always do such a good job
and it makes us realize that they are no longer little boys
but turning into fine young men!

This was out last
"Elementary Awards Day"
Austin will be leaving 6th grade and will have
High School Awards next year.
Scott leaned over yesterday when they dismissed
elementary parents from awards
so the high school parents could come in and said

"Just think, in two more years we'll sit through the whole thing"

Oh Boy...
I'm not sure I'm ready for Jackson to start Kindergarten.
Good thing I have two more years before he does!

But now to brag on Austin.

He made the "A Honor Roll"
He has made the honor roll all 6 years
of elementary school!

He was also given the
President's Award for Educational Excellence

Doesn't he look so excited to be there! HA

I was so proud of him for wearing a
"Church Shirt"
to awards day.
When he came out of his room I tried to not smile or
say anything and he looked at me and said
"I thought I would dress up a little for awards day"
I was a very proud Momma.
Not only for his awards,
but that he can choose to wear something
other than a t-shirt and jeans!
Tomorrow is Field Day and then
they will probably goof off the rest of the year.
Monday and Tuesday are our last two
full school days and they will spend time
turning in their books and cleaning up their desks.
Then 1/2 days for Wednesday and Thursday.

Let the summer begin!!!

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