Monday, May 16, 2011

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary....

For some reason this year I want to plant
flowers, a garden, anything I can try to make grow!!
I'm not sure where this is coming from,
cause I have never had a garden,
and most flowers I plant usually die!

But this year while Mom was here, I decided I wanted to grow
a few tomatoes.  So we found some pots at Big Lots that
I could sit up on top of the deck and I thought I would
give it a try.  Jackson is having fun helping me keep things watered.
And guess what...they are growing!!!!

Yummy tomatoes starting to grow, Grow, GROW!!!

I even had to tie up the one plant today.
I looked out and thought that I had killed it already...
it was laying over on the deck.
But it wasn't was growing!!!

And look what we saw...

A teeny tiny tomato starting to grow!
Now if I can just keep it alive,
I'll be doing good!!

My mother is so good at gardening,
I definitely think I missed out on that gene!
But she always has a 1/2 a bazillion tomato plants
and when she comes down in July she brings me lots...
and that is after she has given my Aunt lots,
and eaten lots,
and canned lots,
and made lots of salsa,
and given lots to strangers on the street...

I'm not trying to beat her record any time soon,
but a few fresh tomatoes every now and then
sure would be nice.

And something else that is growing...
Jackson's Hair!!!
It is growing like a weed...
he has needed a hair cut for weeks,
but it is out of control!!!
He is on the books tomorrow for a hair cut...
Look out Kathy...Here we come!!!

He's also growing like a weed!
He is scheduled to have his 3 year check up soon.
I can't wait to see if he is still on the growth chart
or if he jumped clear off the top!

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