Monday, May 9, 2011

A Bushel of Apples

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.

I did.

I spent the last several weeks with my Mom
and then spent the afternoon yesterday with Scott's mom.

We headed to his parents house after a quick little
shopping trip for my
Mother's Day Present...

Now I don't have to beg Austin to play with his
iTouch or his iPad...

I also got a cute little Kate Spade cover
to put on my new little iPhone!

I'm so excited!
It is so much fun...
Scott said he hopes is will
allow me to be more productive.

Today it has just made me sit and play with it...
no productivity here!!

I told Scott that I never would have dreamed
that he would buy me an iPhone.

A few years ago, Austin wanted an iPod.
Scott said "No Way!"
he was not going to buy one...
Austin waited patiently and
secretly saved his money.

He asked about 2 weeks before
Christmas in 2009 if he could add an iTouch
to his Christmas Wish-list...
I told him he could, but don't hold his breath.
By this time, presents were bough, wrapped and
that holiday was in the bag!

He asked Scott two days after Christmas if he
could go and buy an iTouch...
before he thought about it, he replied
"If you can save the money, you can"
thinking that it would be months for him to
save that kind of cash.

Austin went to his room,
came out a few minutes later and asked,
"Dad...will you take me to Walmart?"

He had to take him...
and so our little obsession with
apples began.

Little Jackson even knows how to play with apples!
He can tell the difference between his brother's iPad
and Uncle Rick's...knows where "his" games and movies are
and exactly where the Giraffe is that will lick the screen!

So, while I should be washing clothes and cleaning
my nasty house, I've been playing with my cute new little phone!

So, what are your favorite Apps?
Have any that you just can't live without??

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