Monday, April 25, 2011

Busy Easter Weekend

We had a very busy weekend!
We started out the weekend with an
Easter Egg Hunt.
One of Jackson's bible class teachers
had all of the little ones over to her house
for a big hunt.
She had bubble and sidewalk chalk
and fun snacks for the kids

Jackson thought it was fun to blow the bubbles into
the fish pond...
and then he just poured the bubble in...
I'm going to be gray before I get him raised!

Then it was time to hunt for eggs...he was cracking my up!
He would run and pick up eggs and then look in his basket and we'd count...

And then he would chunk out any PINK eggs and run off looking for another
more manly color...
it was hysterical!

   He really did not want to stop and have
his picture made, but Janelle was
able to snap a quick picture.

           Then it was time to come home and get
ready for the Easter Bunny!

Notice that Jackson got a "no spill" bubble bucket...
if we had only taken this to the Egg Hunt!

Easter Morning the boys had fun opening their baskets.
Then it was time to get dressed and on our way
and do you think we stopped to take a family
picture in our Sunday Best???


After church we headed to Mama and Papa's house for some
family time!
Austin and Chris had fun playing PlayStation...

And Jackson spent the afternoon blowing bubbles with Papa...
Aunt Ann got him a no spill bucket too!!

We headed down to the old house to hunt Easter Eggs.
Mama has always hidden eggs for the kids and instead of putting
candy inside...she puts money!
Austin decided that he was too old to hunt for eggs this year,
but he helped Jackson hunt for eggs.
He was such a sweet brother!
He held his basket for him and
would help him hunt for the eggs.
It was very sweet.
He makes me so proud with the kind way he treats his brother...
he is growing up and turning into a fine young man!

Trying to stretch for one...last...egg!

Mama's rose bushes are in full bloom.

After egg hunting, we headed back to the house
and got things ready for an early dinner.
Mama fixed us a yummy meal and finished it off
with her traditional Bunny Cake...
it was sooo good.

We had a wonderful weekend with family
and friends and enjoyed
the warm weather!

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