Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Time and Sunshine

Spring has sprung around here and I have
gotten in the mood to plant flowers...
of flowers!

Now, this is where I need to tell
those of you who don't really know me...

I'm not good with flowers...
Austin tells me that I have a
Black Thumb!

He's right...
but for some reason this spring I am
in the mood to plant flowers and make
my back deck and porch bloom with
beautiful pops of color!

Mom had bought some flowers before she left and
came home with us.  She did not get all of them
planted, so we brought them south and gave them a
new home here.

Pretty Petunias for the front porch.

We filled the hanging baskets with Impatient's

And Pretty Pink Begonia's fill the big pots

I don't know what these are called
(cause remember...a green thumb I have not!)
but Mom said they will grow about 12 inches tall
and fill out these pots very nicely.
These we some cheap plastic white pots that I had
picked up at the end of the year last year.
Scott spray painted them with a textured
Rustoleum spray paint for plastics.
I like the way they turned out.

Impatient's again on the other side.
We also hung some Humming Bird feeders
on the back porch after a poor little
Humming Bird found himself stuck in the garage.
He found his way out, but has not found his way
to the feeder.  Hopefully they will find there way around and
we'll be able to watch them over the summer.

The little sitting area on the far side of the deck.
I am really wanting to spruce up the back deck.
I picked up some stain samples the other night
at Lowe's to get ideas for staining the wood.
I also want to find some neat planters
and more ways to decorate the deck
and make it feel more like
another room of the house.

So...that's what we've been up to this week.
I can't wait to see how the flowers grow...
hopefully I won't kill them...
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