Thursday, April 7, 2011

Marvin's New Carpet!!!

Last night, we decided to try a new arrangement
in the living room...
Train table for a coffee table...
it works, right?

Just kidding...
We had to move out all of Jackson's furniture
because the carpet guys were coming
first thing in the morning!!!

One last look at his nasty carpet...
just a note...
hand lotion and A&D ointment
do not come out of the carpet...
no matter how many times you try to clean it!

and it was right inside his door...
there was no hiding it...
I would see it every time I walked by!

But now we have beautiful new carpet!!!
I could not be happier!!!
I never thought I would be so excited about
new carpet...but let me tell you...

I AM!!!

And here is the lovely view from the hallway.

Ahh so much better
SO much better!!

We've already vaccumed it and fluffed it up...
now to just load his new
BIG BOY furniture inside tonight!!!

So, I'm off to get a few things cleaned up today
so we can load his furniture tonight.

More pictures to come!

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