Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pearly Whites...

Somebody had his first visit to see
the Dentist today...
and we are happy to say that we
received a good report!

He did not act like he was scared at all.
He sat and waited patiently for Dr.Beitel.
Austin has gone to Dr. Beitel for years
so naturally we took Jackson
to see him as well.

He practiced saying "Cheese" and showing off
his teeth!

He got to pick out a new tooth brush before his exam
started.  He wanted it opened right away and showed all of
the hygienists how well he could brush his teeth.

After counting, and measuring, and finding
a frog under his tongue...yeah...Jackson looked
surprised when he told him that...it was pretty funny.
We were all done!
He did really well up until the frog comment...
then he wanted this guys hands out of his mouth
and off that table!!!
But after a few blown up exam gloves,
and a few gloves shot across the room like a rubber band,
Jackson was back to laughing again.

Dr. Beitel is so good with the kids,
he takes his time and tries very hard to make them
laugh and entertain them in any way he can
to make it a fun experience.

Hopefully, Jackson will have healthy teeth like
his big brother and only have to see Dr. Beitel
every six months...
the only thing he told us to work on
the Paci...
(enter scary Duh Dun Dunn music here)
it's got to go...

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