Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Party Animals!!!

We continued to celebrate Jackson's big day
with a trip to the zoo!
Mom and Dad have a friend,
who actually used to be their Teacher in school.
She lives nearby and wanted to go to the zoo
with us so we planned a day while we were here to
meet up and see all of the animals!

We had a little time to kill before we met up
with Katherine so we
headed over to the
Bass Pro Shop!

This has got tho be the most
entertaining place that doesn't
cost a dime!

The adventure began in the parking lot.
It was a little weird...Just two days before I had
asked Scott where they keep the
Budweiser Clydesdale's'
when they were not being used in parades and such.
We googled it and found out that they stay at
a historic farm in St. Louis.
As we pulled into the parking lot,
we see these HUGE Budweiser trailers
and guess what...

The famous Clydesdale's we out in the parking lot!
We were able to walk over and see them
before we went into the store.

These horses are amazing!  If you have never seen one up close
you are missing out!  They are just so majestic!
And BIG!!!!
Their backside's were taller than Scott and
their heads are even taller.
And those big hoofs!!
Just amazing!

We headed inside to check out all the animals and such
that you can see there.

Here are the ones that did NOT get away!!

Jackson became Grandpa's buddy in the store.
Everywhere they went, it was
"Hey Grandpa, look at this!"
every time he turned around,
he would run for Grandpa's hand
and off they would go.

After we looked around,
we headed out for a quick bite to eat
and then went to meet Katherine
at the Zoo!

Jackson had a ball looking at all of the animals,
and especially had fun feeding the Giraffe's.
He was a little timid and would hold the cracker
just far enough away that the Giraffe's tongue
would not touch him.
At times that poor giraffe had to really
his tongue down to swipe the cracker from him.

Then we headed over to Jackson's favorite part of the day...

The train ride around the pond at the zoo.
Every time we would hear the whistle,  he would stop
and say
"did you hear that?"
so we all loaded up and rode the train.
The funny thing was, he loved that whistle all day long
but when we actually got on he train,
he hated it and would cover his ears!

After we were done visiting the animals at the zoo,
we headed back to Katherine's house and were
able to visit with our friend Connie before church last night.
Connie used to live in Madison
and was married to a very dear man
we have attended church with for the last 17 years.
Bob recently passed away and Connie moved back
to Missouri to live closer to her son.
She and Katherine go to church together now
and we were able to have dinner with her
and catch up before bible study.

It was a wonderful day.
The weather was perfect and
spending time with old friends has
been even better!

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