Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Today we were able to have a relaxing day in the country.
It started out with a ride on the lawnmower.
Anything that moves works for Jackson.
And the fact that the dog will ride in the little trailer behind him
was even better!

We also decided that we needed to take in a little fishing today
as well.  We loaded up and headed to my Aunt's farm
where the boys cast their hooks in the pond.

Jackson even tried his hand at fishing today too!

Austin jumped right in and had three fish in the bucket before
we could turn around.  Scott could not get bait on the hook of
one pole before he was turning around and saying
"Can you take this fish off the hook?"

And then he started having trouble...
it was a big one...
he even had to hand it off for Scott to help him
and then....
Austin's first "fish story" became a reality!
The one that got away...

This fish was HUGE!!!
He fought till he broke the line...
He and Scott were heartbroken!
They wanted to bring in the big one...
I felt so bad for Austin...
this fish would have been mounting worthy for sure!

Jackson even caught his first little fish.
He was not as excited as Austin was about fishing,
but had fun just the same.

It was a beautiful day outside,
a little windy at times,
but warm sunshine and good times!

And now we are under a Tornado Watch...
not such a good time...

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