Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Finally Back Together!

After a long weekend...
the Dining Room is finally back together!

The Science project is still laid out across the 
table...but hopefully that will be gone in a few days...

I still need to have Scott hang some photos and 
find some new window treatments but
the final touches will come soon enough...

This week has been full of lots of up and downs...
right now Austin is very down.
The Father of one of his classmates was killed in 
an auto accident yesterday.
Austin goes to a very small private school,
everyone knows everyone... 
when one hurts, they all hurt.

This Dad was also pretty close to Austin's class.
He has come in and taught their Bible class
on several occasions and was a regular speaker
during chapel.

The kids are all very upset, but are banding together
and sticking close together.

Today, school was delayed for 2 hours because
we had tornado warnings this morning,
and once they arrived at school,
they just spent the day 
watching movies and being there for each other.

So, say a little prayer for Austin's friend and her family...
for strength, comfort and closure...
and for his class...

1 comment:

  1. Oh, geez, that's awful, Sandra! I feel for each and every one of those kids whose little heart is aching right now. You always hope that children won't have to experience the pain of losing someone they know/love until much later in life.

    There have been a lot of tornadoes and weird things going on around the country for it to be just January/February! I have growing concerns about what the Spring will produce!!! :-(

    Have a wonderful week, and I hope all is feeling a bit more settled in your house with the dining room all put back together & lookin' good now!