Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year...New Projects...

Scott and I are jumping on some house projects
now that we have made it through the holidays!

First on my list was to paint the 
Powder Bath Room.

This room was the original color that we had
it painted when we moved in ten years ago.
There was no crown molding and 
it was pretty plain.

So, down came the mirror and small little
shelves that were hanging above the toilet.

I chose to paint the walls
Labradorite by Sherwin-Williams.

After a couple of coats it was all blue.
And I love it!

Next I asked Scott to add a little crown molding...
seemed simple enough of a request...
except they did a horrible job with the corners of the sheet rock
and there is a funny little angled wall.

But my sweet, loving husband figured it all out
and with the help of this little dude...

The crown was up and Scott had not decided to leave me!
I think he did an awesome job!

All painted, crowned, caulked and DONE...
except for the decorating...

Time to go and find some pretty little accessories
and some new hand towels...

Next up...the Dining Room!

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