Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Re-cap of Christmas Day

Christmas morning we were still nursing the sick,
so our plan was just to stay home all day and relax.
We usually head over to Scott's parents on 
Christmas afternoon for a yummy lunch
and Christmas with his family, but this year
we decided to not give anyone the flu for Christmas
and just stayed home.

Presents waiting to be unwrapped...

A shot of the tree.
A few years ago we bought a new tree. 
I had wanted to get a 9 foot tree, but decided on a 7 foot tree
and Scott made a box for it to stand on to make it taller.
Saved us some money and it gives a little extra space under 
the tree to stash gifts.

Austin was about to explode...he was ready to start opening
presents around 6am...Jackson...not so much.
Austin went in and drug him out of the bed at 7:30 and poor
Jackson didn't come around for another 30 minutes.

Jackson is funny on Christmas.
He's not one of those kids who unwraps one present and 
then starts on the other before he really takes in what 
was in the first box.
The picture above was of him playing with his candy canes
that we in his stocking...Austin had moved on to his Santa Bag.
but Jackson was still taking in the stockings...and still half asleep.

Austin was about to bust a gut to see what
Santa had brought him...he even started to open 
Jackson's bag for him so we could get this show on the road.

Austin was really excited that Santa
brought him exactly what he wanted!

Sleepy little Jackson was trying to figure it all out.
Austin had opened his bag on the corner so Jackson
could see what was inside...he crossed his little arms and said
"Well...look at that, Santa brought me the castle I wanted"

Trying to figure out what else was in the bag...

Austin was trying to convince him that it was time
to go and see what was under the tree...
Jackson was just wanting to open his new toys that 
Santa brought and play with them.

Daddy took his castle out and now it was time to play...
Insert Austin about to have a conniption..

Austin finally got to start in on his stack of presents..

Jackson didn't really seem to know what to do with all of
his presents!

My little stack of stuff...
can't wait to see what's inside...

We love to throw off Austin every now and then...
he opened a pack of ping pong paddles and replied...
"umm...did someone forget to tell me we have a
ping-pong table?"

Ummm, yep! ha ha...go and look downstairs.

One of my goodies was a set of zip ties and a zip tie
cutter gun thingy...
(this was a gift from Scott so I would quit using his)

Nana got a new iPad for Christmas....

and Scott got me a new camera...
I have been begging hinting for a new camera
since last Christmas...and he finally got me one so I would shut up
granted my wish!

Nana started playing with her new toy
right away...

No White Christmas for us...
we had Tornado Warnings for Christmas...

Jackson and Daddy spent the rest of the morning
building and playing with all of his new toys...

Although we missed seeing the rest of the family,
it was kind of nice to be able to sit around and let the kids
play with their toys and relax.

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