Monday, February 11, 2013

One More Painting Project...DONE!

Let me tell you...
Scott has been a painting machine lately!

He's the best!

When we built our house 10 years ago,
I had the kitchen painted a sage green 
and have been really happy with it.
It was just showing it's age and I was
ready for a change.

Scott took everything off the walls and patched
all of the holes...

We have a clock that Scott bought me for my birthday
one year that hangs in between the windows...
we were all lost when we took the clock down!

Looking back towards the kitchen...
say goodbye to Sage Green!

And say "Hello" to Sherwin Williams
Nomadic Desert!

"Mom....I'm busy helping Dad...
I don't have time for a picture"

Ahhhh....nice clean new paint....

I am loving it already.

While he was patching walls and such, Scott
decided to move the phone jack that our electrician
plopped right on top of the edge of the counter know,
where you couldn't hang a phone to hide the jack...
it just sat out there...lookin' ugly!
So, Scott moved it under the desk and
everything was hunky dory until he
realized that the only phone that worked in the house was
the one plugged directly into that line...
but a little climb up in the attic
and an afternoon of talking to him on cell phones 
from the kitchen to the attic and feeding a few wires
through the wall...
we are back in business!
I love that my husband is so handy and can figure
out how to fix just about anything.
Saves more room in the budget for shoes when
I'm not having to always call a repair man!

Moving on around and looking good!
I can't wait to start putting some of 
my things back on the walls and I am going to start 
looking for some new window treatments.

After painting all day,
we cleaned up and went to see my
niece's basketball team play in the
area tournament....
They WON!!!

Way to go Lady Red Devils!

So, three room painted lately...
now it's time to start looking for
window treatments and new accessories.
This may take a while...
we also have a couple of furniture
pieces that I would like to paint
for the Kitchen...

Always something going on....
What's going on with you?

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