Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Rewind....

I think we are about to come out of the funk!

Scott is still not back to normal, but after a third trip to the Doctor,
I think he is going to live!

This was horrible...
but we did manage to squeeze in some fun time around the sick times.
So here's a little recap.

We threw a little party for Jackson's 
4 year old bible class kids the week before Christmas.

Everyone puts out cookies for Santa,
but this year we wanted to make sure that we didn't
forget his Reindeer, so we had a little get together
and made reindeer food!

The kids wore their Pajamas to the party,
and no, Jackson does not normally wear a turtleneck to bed.
It had been a very warm December, until this night and it 
turned off COLD and windy, so running out in our PJ's 
was a little we added a few layers.

Jackson even had on Rudolph shoes for the party.
His nose would light up when he stepped on them.


Mrs. Kim set a festive little table
for some yummy snacks.

A place just for Jackson.

We had little jars for the kids to make their 'Reindeer Food'

and who could resist a cute little snap shot of this little boy!

Here is a shot of Jackson mixing together his 
reindeer food...They had Elf Donuts (Cheerios's),
Jingle Berries (raisins), Snowballs (mini marshmallow's),
Elf Ornaments (mini m & m's),  Flying Powder (powdered sugar),
Holly Jolly Sprinkles (green colored sugar), 
Rudolph's Rosy Red Sparkles (red colored sugar),
and Christmas Tree Trimmings (holiday candy sprinkles)
The kids mixed up a jar of 'Reindeer Food' to sit out with 
their Cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Then they played Pin the nose on Rudolph 

And went on a flashlight scavenger hunt
 through the house.  We had planned on doing this outside, but it turned off
way to cold to do it outside.

Mrs. Kim had found little paint with water pictures
for all of the kids that was a picture of 
Rudolph!  Jackson hugged his picture and said
"this is the best Christmas present ever"

All of the kids had a great time and I think 
we had a lot of fun with it, too.

Come on back and we'll see what goodies Santa came and left
us under the tree!

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