Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Movin' to the Next Project

Our Powder Bath project is complete...
with the exception of all of the towels, accessories and such.
But, that will take a while...and a little savings...
but the paint and trim are all complete.
I love the new color and it makes me happy
when I walk by.

Scott started our next project last night...
and I'm getting really excited about it, too!

I asked him to take everything off the walls...
curtain rods and all.

We had several spots that needed a little help,
so he placed a few screws in the sheet rock and put 
a little mud on them and is giving it a day to dry really well
and then he'll come back in and sand before we get ready to paint this weekend!

Here's a little peak at some of the things I have found for the 
room after it gets it's little face lift.

The paint is called
"Sandy Ridge"
from Sherwin-Williams
I found the little bird picture at Kirkland's
a while back and that is where I 
jumped from.

I have some more ideas for the room that I talked about

Much to much to do...

I am also still in the market for new
window treatments and fabric to recover
the dining room chairs.

But first I have to clean up the space
so Scott can move around all of the furniture.

I guess I'll take this opportunity to take the
Christmas dishes out of the china cabinet.

Scott asked me the other night if I thought I was going to 
have to unload "everything" to move the furniture to paint.
I reminded him that when Mom and I got the wild hair to move it 
before, we only emptied the top of the china cabinet...
whew...that would be a job...

Check back this weekend...
Scott is off on Friday, so hopefully we'll get 
started on this bright and early...
(we also have a Science Fair project to help
someone work on this weekend...grrrr)

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