Friday, January 25, 2013

Sandy Ridge

We got a late start this morning.
Austin did not have to be at school until 10 o'clock...
we were suppose to have an ice storm...
umm...yeah, it had not even rained at 8 o'clock this morning!
We do still live in the South...
it was 47 degrees this morning.

But...every school system in North Alabama had decided last night
to delay the start of school before the first drop every fell.
Yeah, we panic a little.

Scott has spent the entire day
working on the Dining Room...
It's lookin' good!!

He primed the walls with a primer
that was called "High Hiding"
and it hid the red,
really well.

All primed and ready to go!

And there it is!
"Sandy Ridge"
by Sherwin-Williams

There's my little painter...
he's so good!

I can't wait to see what it looks like in the morning!
Then it will be time to move the furniture back and 
get things put back in their place.

And getting my Dining Room table out 
of the foyer and the china back in the cabinet!

I've been nervous all day, but 
Jackson has been really good and 
left everything alone.

One more project is about to be checked off the list...
Scott is moving like a mad man...
I better start adding to my list!

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  1. I think this pretty new color will have a real calming effect. There's just something about these more neutral colors that seems to put us at a more relaxed pace. (That might just be me gettin' old!)