Monday, July 25, 2011

Counting Down...

Our summer is winding down and the countdowns have begun.

There are 4 days until Austin's 12th birthday

There are 21 days until the first (full) day of school.
Austin will have to go for 1/2 a day on Friday the 12th,
but we are not counting that.

And 40 days until
Kick-Off of the 2011
SEC Football Season


Each event is exciting and a little sad as well.
Austin is growing up so fast and changing every day.
He is turning into a fine young man but can
annoy the stew out of his little brother at the same time!

School is going to be different this year too.
Austin is no longer an "Elementary" student.
No more holiday parties, no more Field Day.
It's all hard work from here on out.

The countdown to football season is the most exciting.
For those of you who are reading and are not from the south,
SEC football is something spectacular.
Football in the south has, for may years,
determined family vacations, wedding dates, and any event
that might possibly fall on a Saturday!

You don't mess with Saturdays...
you just don't!

Austin is ready to Tailgate and I think that is about
time that Jackson is introduced to some


So, it's time to get some
birthday shopping done,
some back to school shopping done,
and start shopping for some


I also have a little crafty project for my front door
to celebrate this upcoming football season.

I have a few finishing touches to add to it
and then it will ready to bring in the football season.


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