Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finishing Touches

We have almost finished Jackson's
Big Boy Room!!!
We had been searching and searching...
and driving and driving...
to find a chest of drawers for Jackson's room.

I didn't care what color it was since we were
going to paint it to match the bed,
but it was near impossible to find one!

The unfinished furniture stores were
way too expensive...
I scoured thrift stores
and Goodwill...
and by the way...
I am soooo jealous of all of those ladies out in blog land
that find awesome furniture and then transform it into
something beautiful...
my Goodwill failure...

So, we scoured Craig's List every night...
if I found one that would work,
we couldn't find time to look at it.
And when we did have time,
it would be gone,
just like that!

But we finally got lucky.
After a day of driving all over town,
we finally found one on Craig's List...
it had just been listed...
we snatched it up!


It was in pretty good shape...
just not a great color...

A couple coats of primer and a couple coats of paint...

It looked like it has lived here all along!
Here is a shot of his room looking in from his door...

It fits right in with the rest of his furniture.
Now on to the accessories...

I had seen this idea out there in Blog-land to make a
night light with those decorative glass blocks.
I figured that would be easy enough...
They had used vellum paper and modge podge it
to the block, so I started on my merry little way.
It turned out to be one GIANT mess.
My vellum paper all bunched up together and
looked horrible,
so I just took it off and decided to just use
regular scrapbook paper.
I cut a white piece of paper out and
glued it on the block and then used my
handy dandy Cricut and cut out Jackson's
initials...and then added a little border from my
scrapbook stash and placed the block in it's little
holder and plugged in the light
and there you have it!

Sorry...I didn't take pictures...
at this point,
I just want this all done!
But here is the blog where I originally saw it

We are not quite finished yet,
but we are getting closer to having it all done!

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