Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trains and Cranes???

Thomas the Tank Engine has finally made
his debut in Jackson's room!

When Austin was little he was all about some
Thomas the Tank Engine...
we had every movie,
every train,
every accessory that went with that Railroad...
and now it has come out of the attic and it's a hit once again!

Jackson seems to already be taking to it like Austin did.
And it is so sweet to hear Jackson say
"Austin, build me a twack"
and big brother is happy to do it for him.
We had thought that we would use Thomas as a
"bribe" for potty training, but as of yet,
Jackson doesn't care anything about going to the potty,
Thomas or not!

He will sit and talk to the trains and act out little
stories just like Austin used to do.
Oh the hours these trains have seen.
I am excited they will see many, many more
hours of play.

But the trains could not compare to the new toy
that Daddy brought home today.
Yep, it's a crane.
Papa needed to rent a crane today so they could fix one
end of his barn that had been blown out,
so once they were done with the barn it
traveled on it's way towards our house to
be used to hang some new flood lights.

Scott is more brave than I am...
I wouldn't be caught dead up that high...
just sayin'

While he worked on putting up the new flood lights I
looked at our handy work of staining the deck.
We are sooo close to having that project complete.
Hopefully the rain will hold off and we can sneak in about an
hour of work tomorrow afternoon and get it done.
Scott finally told me tonight that he really did like the color
of the stain.  Whew, I have been sweatin' that one.
I am ready to get that done, but once the deck is stained,
the patio furniture needs to be painted.
It never ends when you have a house.

Scott was working away at taking down the old lights
and putting up the new ones.  He kept asking if I would make it
stop shaking...I reminded him that it didn't shake nearly as bad as
the ladder would...

He finished the one on the left hand side of this photo
tonight, and will put one up on the right hand side tomorrow.

But they worked and brighten up the back yard.
Just what we wanted!

Once Scott was done fixing his light,
Jackson wanted to go for a ride.
He thought that was a lot of fun!
(And no mom, he didn't go all the way up...
this was as far off the ground as he got)

He really wanted to be the one pushing the buttons,
but Daddy stayed on the controls the entire time.

Well tomorrow ends another busy weekend,
and then it's time to check the calendar to see what is next!
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