Friday, June 17, 2011

One of My Favorite Things....

I have always loved dishes...
I don't know what it is,
but I love china and everyday dishes,
it doesn't really matter.

I have two sets of Christmas dishes,

My good Lenox Holiday China

and my Nikko Christmastime dishes.

two set of everyday dishes,

Pfaltzgraff Heritage

and then my latest addition
FiestaWare in
Ivory, Lemongrass, Scarlet and Chocolate

(I want to get two more Fiesta colors in Cobalt Blue and
Orange to match all of my Auburn Chip-n-dips and
party platters for football season)

and I have my set of Wedding China.
Noritake Chandon Gold

I love them all.

In the world of blogging I have discovered that
you can meet all kinds of different people.
Those who sew beautiful clothing,
those who love to travel,
those who can decorate like a dream,
and those who organize.
But recently I have found a new set of bloggers.

Oh yeah....
The Tablescaper!

Oh dish collection has nothing on these ladies.
Their beautiful collections are a mass of
fully "dressed" tables.
Beginning with the tablecloth and building up with place mats,
chargers, full place settings of mixed and matched china,
topping it off with matching stemware and flatware.
And finished with a napkin and coordinating napkin ring.

Absolutely beautiful!

I have started a list of blogs on the side
that are tablescaper's.
I  found several while looking around blog-land
the other day.  They were having a linky party showing
how they stored all their dishes.
there were a lot of dishes.
And a lot of wonderful husbands who were
adding lots of storage to houses to accommodate all of
those beautiful dishes!!!

Just a husband is going into convulsions
some where reading this thinking that I am going to start
hiding dishes under the couches and in the recesses of
I make no promises...
just kidding...

So if you have time,
check them out if you love dishes as much as I do.

I am going to drool over all of their pretty dishes...
and also start paying more attention to
TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross, Tuesday Morning...
I'm sure the list goes on...
There was even one lady that had shown a picture of her
stemware and listed the name and where she bought it.
One of them came from The Dollar Store!!!
Can't beat that!

I'm off to dream...

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  1. Ha! I just started reading your blog (from Bowl Full of Lemons) and I too adore dishes. I've got WAY too many also!

    Love your little boy's new room!