Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Projects That Seem to Never End

I guess that is the story of any homeowner...
the projects just never seem to end.

Our deck was in serious need of cleaning...
so we started cleaning.
And cleaning, and cleaning...
it seemed to go on forever.

Not really.
Actually, it only took us two weekend to get it done.
But now that it is all cleaned, we thought that we should
take the time to finally stain it.

So my deck still looks like this.
Everything pushed to the side we are not working on,
and then when one side it done,
it get shoved back to the other side.

But you can tell that it really needed to
be cleaned.  You can see the
before and after
on the steps below.
They were nasty.


My handy, dandy husband helping me get
the deck all clean!
With the help of a lot of cleaner,
scrubbing with a lot of elbow grease
and some pressure washing.

All cleaned and ready to go. 
Now to just pick out a stain.

I picked out a stain.
Olympic Redwood,
with some help from Scott...
My original choice was
Rosewood, but when I looked on the board
at Lowe's, the Rosewood looked really dark,
so I choose the lighter.
I am glad I did, because it is still pretty dark.

I started staining last night and so far, so good.
I only managed to get the bottom stairs done.
I had someone trying to help me out...a lot.
For some reason he thought painting would be more
fun than helping his Daddy pull weeds.
So did I, that is why I was staining.

They are definitely darker.
I like the color contrast with the almond colored rails,
but like Scott,
I am curious to see how it looks when we get up next to the brick.

Stay Tuned...

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