Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Planning Ahead

Guess what came in the mail yesterday?

Did you know it is only
183 days until

I am determined to not let it sneak up on me again.
Last year, I had started to plan ahead.
I had even gotten a lot of shopping done online.
I thought I was ahead of the game,
until the stomach bug hit the house and put
us all out of commission for the entire month of December.
Now, that is one Christmas memory that I do not want to repeat.

I sat down last night and started looking at all of the cute paper
and started making my plan!
I will not spend all day on Christmas Eve, I will not

I think these fun Santa faces would be fun under the tree...

And these little peppermint swirls would be match with the
other papers that I have already.

And there is something about Polka Dots that I just can't
pass up...these would even work for everyday
wrapping paper

And in red, too.

So yes, while it is 100 degrees outside,
I am starting to plan for Christmas...

Bring it on!
Now, if I could just get everyone to give me a list,
I'd be on my way.

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