Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's Race Day!!!!

Gentlemen...Start Your Engines!!!!!!

Today was Austin's Pine Wood Derby with his Cub Scout Pack.
He placed 5th out of over 30 cars and also was awarded
the Sportsmanship Award.
He was a little dissapointed that he did not place but was very excited to get the Sportsmanship award.

Austin and Andrew had track side seats to check out the competition. 
Notice that Austin has his Rally Cap on. He was excited that his car was running well.

Here is Austin with our Pack Leader receiving his Sportsmanship Award.

Here is Austin's pit crew cheering him on.  Jackson spent most of his time this morning tring to get to the table with all of the cars.  He thougth that would be a lot of fun!!!

Here is a snap shot of Austin's car-- it's the blue one in the middle.
He named his car "The Patriot" and decorated it with red, white and blue decals.
He was very proud of the way it turned out.  He just wishes he had placed since this was his last year to compete. 

All in all it has been a good day.  We ate lunch with Mama and Papa and then they headed home.  We came home and put Jackson down for a nap and the boys cleaned up the mess they had made in the garage making the car and we are now just taking it easy.

Scott is going on travel this week so the boys and I are going to be hanging out all week and taking it easy.
No school projects, no cub scout projects, just routine homework!!  Whew, I need a break!

Enjoy the weekend!!!

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  1. Tell Austin we were very proud of him on race day! Tell him that I think the Sportsmanship award is far greater than the 1st place in speed. It really shows his true character and someone that did not even know him noticed it that day enough to give him that award. Mr. Renfroe from the Arrow Head District observed all of the boys that day and something about Austin really stood out to him. That is an amazing accomplishment! It set a great example for the whole pack that day!