Friday, February 19, 2010

Here Comes the SUN!!!!!

Today has been an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day!!!

Isn't that the sweetest face?
He was waiting on Scott to get home today and just laid over on the ottoman.

Scott took the day off to bring his truck home...

Jackson thought he might need some help
so he headed outside to see if he could get some things off the
trailer for him!

Pappa was so excited to see Jackson--
it knocked him off his feet!!!

Jakson took the liberty to adjust the radio and A/C
in Pappa's truck while they did the heavy lifting.

Jackson was so happy to be outside!
When he finally made it to the back yard he just ran around!
He was having a BLAST!!!


The truck is all off the trailer
and in the garage where it belongs.
Scott asked if he could have some frineds
come over and play tomorrow,
so they are going to get started putting the bed back together,
and then all of the rest of the pieces.

Hope everyone took some time today to enjoy the sunshine!!
We are heading back to school tonight to watch
the Elementary Musical.
Austin is less than thrilled.
They are performing Broadway Musical songs.
The fifth grade is singing a song from
Phantom of the Opera.

This should be very interesting....

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