Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Little Sneak Peak...

Scott's Mom and Dad went to check on the truck the other day and sent us a little sneak peak of the paint color. We still can't decide if that is anywhere near the color that Scott picked out or not but we are thinking it's pretty, and it's on there now so...he's gonna like it!

I think it is going to look really nice!

Scott bought this truck before we met (16 almost 17 years ago) and has always dreamed of fixing it up and just kept putting it off.  He finally decided that if he was ever going to do it he would just have to jump in and do it.  He would never find the time, or the money to do it if he didn't just take on the project.  So it all began.  He has been working on this for a long time (since waaaayyy before Jackson--and he's almost 2).  He took car repair classes at the Tech School once year to learn how to do some of the body work and has spent many hours working to get everything just right.  Sanding and painting and replacing and's been a long process but I think it is all going to pay off in the end.

We've taken pictures of it since he's been working on it so I am going to have to whip him up a little scrapbook to keep in his office to show off his handiwork. 

I was teasing him a few years back and asked him if he loved that truck more than he loved me and his response was "No, but don't ever ask me to prove it!" 

He did say it with a smile so I know he was kiddin'....I think....I hope!!

If the weather holds out tomorrow we are planning on going over to see the progress and take a few more pictures while we are there.  We'll have to post some more when we get home.

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