Monday, February 8, 2010

What??? Where did this come from!!!

Look at what we have this morning.  When I took Austin to school it had started to sleet and it was covering the roads and then by 10 o'clock this is what it looks like.  There was not even a flake in the forcast!!!

It is piling up on the deck rail and all over the roads and yards.  And yes, the kids are at school with no word of coming home!!!  Isn't that the way it goes...a couple of weeks ago they predicted snow and let school out before the first flake fell and we had nothin'!! 
And today there was nothing forcasted and we had at least 2 inches.

Everything looks so pretty covered in snow.

Jackson snuck out behind me when I stepped out to take the picture out the front door.
(yes mom, he's not even wearing a coat...or shoes!)
He kept saying "No, No" whthout an "s" in a really high picthed voice.
He liked picking the snow out of my hand and throwing it off the porch.

Everything was so quiet outside.  You could hear the snow falling and the sleet hititng the ground.
They say it won't last long though, it is suppose to get up to 47 today so we'll see.

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