Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Steps...One Down!!!

 and a whole lot of house to go!!! But Jackson's room is done!! I took out all of his clothes and cleaned out his closet. Packed away 2 tubs of clothes for consignment-- one box spring/summer and one of fall/winter. I put all of the clothes for this spring and summer that he hasn't worn yet on top and sorted through his clothes on the bottom so now we can find things for him to wear without searching through 6 pairs of shorts and 13 t-shirts!! All of his clothes to take to Goodwill are boxed up, accounted for and ready to go. I plan on making a run there this weekend to drop off a bunch of stuff!!

So here is what it looked like last night before Jackson went to bed. All nice and clean...I even vaccumed!!!

Feels good to sit down and relax for a few minutes before bedtime and not feel like all of that mess is calling my name!!!!  Watch out world, I may get organized yet!!!!

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