Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!!!!

We  are so pitiful...well...pathetic is more like it!

This is how much snow it took to cancel school today.

We are suppose to get more today as the day goes on but this morning when we woke up-- we had nothin'!!!

Last night by 5 o'clock they were already cancelling schools all over North Alabama for Thursday.  Several counties had also added Friday in there as well.  Now granted they are the county school systems that run busses and are in more rural areas but, come on...this was before the first flake ever even fell in the STATE!!!  We tend to panic a littel bit when it snows.

Austin has been using his day off to play with his LEGO Mindstorm.  He found on the internet ysterday where you could make it into a guitar and there were even programs that you can download to it to make it sound like an electric guitar.  So first thing this morning, instead of sleeping late (weird kid), he was up and on the computer designing his new guitar

Well, maybe later today we'll have some more snow pictures to post but I'm not holiding my breath!  And Jackson is hoping we don't have much more either....he needs Milk!!

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