Saturday, January 16, 2010

USS Alabama

On Friday, Scott and Austin headed to Mobile to spend the night on the USS Alabama Battleship!  His Cub Scout Pack was heading down as a group to tour the ship and spend the night and see how it felt to be a sailor during World War II.  Coach Duke gave all of the boys the day off from school and they headed out around 10:30 for Mobile.  They boarded the ship around 6:00 and had free run of the ship until 11:00pm, then it was lights out.  They woke up early and had to have all of their stuf cleaned off the ship by 7:00am and then they could keep on touring the ship for as long as they wanted to.  Unfortunately, it was raining the enitre weekend but they still had a good time.  There was plenty to do inside the ship to keep them busy.  Austin came home with a little ball for Jackson and a "dog tag" with his name and address on it.

Scott, Austin and Jason checking out some of the planes that were used in the Air Force.

Andrew and Jason saluting the flag that flew over the USS Alabama and
Austin was posing for the picture.

Hopefully Austin and Andrew will never really end up in the Brigg but they had one on the ship!

I think the boys had the most fun in the room with the Missles and such.  Austin enjoyed checking out the cannons and all of the really big guns!

Over all the boys had a great time.  Other than the weather it was a wonderful weekend.
Austin is looking forward to going back one day with Jackson when he gets older.
They arrived around back home around 4:00 Saturday night and came in and asked
"What's for Dinner?"

Well, do you think I had fixed anything....nope! So we headed out to Cracker Barrell and a quick trip to Lowe's and then home for the evening.

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