Monday, January 18, 2010

A Diamond in the Rough

One of Scott's hobbies is working on his cars. He has always taken good care of the cars we drive and also enjoys fixing up his antique cars as well. He bought this truck before we ever met and when we lived next door to each other, I would always get mad when he left for work because it was so loud it would wake me up. Cathy and I lived on the apartment on the very end of the unit and Scott and Jeff lived next door, but he would park it on the end of the building next to us.

For years Scott has wanted to fix it up. It was in pretty good shape but he wanted to make it really pretty and have it painted and put the wood bed back in like it originaly had. He started the process several years ago and slowly (to slowly for him) he has gotten it taken to the paint shop.

Here is a picture taken several years ago (I think in 2004). I laughed a little when I saw how little the shrubs were in the front of the house so it's been a little while!

And this is what it looked like last Saturday when Scott went to Mr. Wimberly's to check on th progress!
He showed Scott the paint color that he picked out and I think he is very pleased with his decision.  It is called Dusk Blue and is kind of a smoky gray blue metallic color. He is going to paint the bottom the dusk blue and have the top painted a metallic white.

The inside is going to be a darker gray to match his new seats that wil have seatbelts in them.  Now the boys can go for a ride with Dad in his "new" truck. 
Scott doesn't know how long it is going to be before we get it back.  There were several wrecks this last week with the ice and snow which have to be his first priority.  Scott is getting really excited and I can't wait to see it all put back together.  It's going to be pretty.

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