Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Organizing....it's a process, right?

OK--my new years resolution was to get organized...if it kills me...which from these pictures you will realize that is just might do that...

I can't put things away because there is too much clutter in those places taking up space, blah, blah, blah!!!
We have enough room in this house to have everyone's stuff in it's place but some how that just doesn't happen.  So I decided to start in Jackson's room today.  There is a basket of clean clothes that couldn't be put up becuase there was no room in his closet, but he had nothing to wear because I had not taken the time to clean out stuff that was too small....

So TODAY was the day!!!!!!

I started this before his nap this morning and stopped when the poor thing climbd in his rocking chair with a pillow and laid down by himself.

Here's a little of the progress-- choosing to focus on the progress first, then the mess I've made!!
See all the room on the top rack for spring and summer clothes!


Now here's the mess-- piles of play clothes to take to Good Will, piles of good clothes to take to Consignment sale,  riding toy, cause we had to play too...

Bibs, Burp Cloths and the 800 blankets that babies need...packing them away!!

Well, it's about time to go and pick up Austin from school so I'll have his help keeping Jackson occupied while I get this mess cleaned up before Scott home.

Science Fair project is done and now they have to start working on his Pinewood Derby Car for Cub Scouts.

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