Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Some sweet treats for my three little sweeties!

Austin and Jackson have these Valentine buckets that I fill up with goodies
every year.  A special little treat for my special little boys!

Let's see what they got?

Here is Austin's bucket...

and inside was...

The always acceptable iTunes gift card,
his favorite gum. his favorite candy bars
(Hershey's cookies and cream...yummmm-o)
A new Auburn basketball t-shirt to wear to the game next weekend.
And a card with an IOU for something he wants for 
his computer...
He has reached the age that his technical things confuse me...
He'll have to pick that one out on his own,
within reason.

On to my next Valentine...

What's inside little Jackson's bucket...

Some stickers, and a new t-shirt for the basketball game,
and a couple of new videos...
Treasure Buddies and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse video.

I love that most videos come with a DVD and a digital copy
so we can put them on the iPad and phone to carry with us.
Great entertainment while we are on the go!

The boys headed for their buckets right after school...

They couldn't wait to see what was waiting for them in their buckets!

Austin was excited about his new shirt to 
wear to the game...

Jackson was excited about his new shirt, too.
He thinks it is so fun to get things like Austin, so when
Austin pulled his shirt out, Jackson grabbed his and 
squealed "me, too!"

He couldn't wait to wear his... so we put it on while
we were still opening our stuff.
(Thanks, Aunt Leisa, for picking these up last week,
they were a BIG hit!)

A little excited about his favorite candy bars...
He is eating one now, and saving the rest for 
later....much later, I hope.

Jackson was trying to figure out which movie to 
watch first...Mickey or the Buddies...
such a hard choice!

And last, but not least...
some sweets for my 
favorite Valentine...

Scott loves Peanut Butter so I thought 
that a Reese's Cup heart was
the best gift for him...

We are planning on going to dinner on Friday night
and the boys are going to play with Mama and Papa.

Hope everyone has a 

Very Happy
Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Those buckets are SO cute, Sandra!!! Where on earth did you find someone to make those? Uh oh...I have a sinking feeling you're going to tell me you made them yourself which is just going to make me feel extra inferior as a grandmother! :-) That's such a great idea to give the kids treats other than just candy! They appreciate it, and you don't have to worry so much about cavities! I the Reese's heart like one huge heart? I don't really care much for chocolate, but every once in a blue moon I get a craving for Reese's. A heart that size would satisfy my craving for months and months and months!!!!!!!! I hope you and Scott have a lovely dinner tomorrow night. Ramon was working and I was helping a friend with her restaurant's Valentine event, so we didn't really get to do anything. We're traveling to boring old Pittsburg, KS again this weekend, so our 2-hour drive down there will be our "date." :-) Have a great date and a great weekend!!!

  2. Oh no....I did not make those buckets!!! Etsy all the way...The boys also have pumpkin buckets that are orange with cute little Jack-o-lantern faces on them for Halloween, too. Also from Etsy. Austin has never been a big candy eater, so that was never a "treat" for him, and Jackson definitely does not need any help from sugar, so stickers are better for him :-) Scott's little heart was full of miniature Reece's...and they did not last long between the two of us.
    Scott and I had a nice dinner and even saw a movie...and we were home by 8...How about that!! LOL we are such the party animals...