Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Leavin' on a Jet Plane!!!!

Our Summer Vacation is moving out
of the planning stages and jumping straight
into REALITY!!!

We are all so excited that we can't stand it!!!

We booked our flight this week to 
the lovely Islands of

We will split our time between
The big island of Oahu and Kauai

We are making plans of all of the new adventure we 
want to take in while we are there.

A visit to Pearl Harbor is on the list
and The Polynesian Cultural Center,
along with lots of different places to hike
and snorkel and take in all of the 
wonderful scenery and beauty of the islands.

We are also planning on taking in a Luau
and I want to go Zip Lining...
Austin thinks I am crazy and doesn't think I'll go through
with it...but I think it looks fun!

While we are on Kauai we will be staying on Anini Beach

Leisa has rented us a wonderful house
right on the beach!!!
We can literally walk out the back door and be right in the water!

There are about 13 of us going, so we should not be at a loss for 
someone to explore with...
or sit on the beach and be lazy with!!

Jackson is so excited to see a "Bol-cane-o"
or as we know it a Volcano...
And Austin just can't wait to ride on an airplane.

I am so excited I just about can't stand it!!!

So, I am counting the days until we leave and
pinching some pennies along the way.
Which has actually been nice...
Jackson and I have spent a lot of time 
playing matchbox cars in the floor and have enjoyed
lazy days not running from here to there.
I have also been trying to cook at home more and that
has been really nice!
I never sat down and looked at how much we spent on eating out,
but let me tell you, it was waaaaay to much!
We have cut out the after school stop for  a snack
which has been good for the check book and the waist line.

Which is another thing we have started in anticipation on our trip...
We have all started our own "Biggest Loser" competition to get in shape
and be ready for adventure.
So far, I am down 4 pounds and I am trying to get on a regular
walking schedule...

if I can get my kids off of the treadmill!
Austin walked the other night for 45 minutes 
and Jackson decided that he would get in on
the action, too.  He walked for 10 minutes...very slow and with us
standing right beside him...he had so much fun and thought he was so big!
We report our percentage of weight loss to Leisa every Friday and it's been fun
to see all of us working towards a healthy goal!

So hopefully, I'll be able to use some of the money I'm saving towards a new
Vacation a smaller size~

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