Monday, February 6, 2012

Laid Back Weekend...

This weekend was pretty laid back.
We spent some time with Scott's family Friday night
with a yummy dinner from one of our favorite local spots.

Greenbrier Barbecue needs to be on
that show with Guy Fieri 
Diner's, Drive-ins, and Dives...
Cause it's a dive, but they have the BEST
barbecue and hush puppies in North Alabama!

We headed to the mall after dinner to let me get some
make up and just bummed around for a while.
We had a good laugh from Austin.
While we are trying to save up for our summer
vacation, I have told Austin that we are going to cut out
a lot of our eating out.  We'll eat healthier and save money to boot.
Well, while we were at the mall, Scott went to Sears
and was looking at the BIG tool chests...Austin was very quiet...
then Scott started looking at a ping pong table top
that would sit on the pool table...
when it was not in use, it folds up and could be put under a bed downstairs.
The little guy was looking it up and found they had one in stock.
It was normally $149.  Scott kept saying that was a really good price,
and when he looked it up, the salesman said it was on sale
for $99....Scott was getting excited...
The salesman said they had one in stock....
Scott was getting really excited and then it happened...
I told Scott if that was what he wanted to go ahead and get it....
Austin piped up and said
"WAIT...we can't go to Chick-fil-A and get a biscuit, but
we can buy a Ping Pong Table...this is not right..."

insert Scott dropping his head and walking away...
It's bad when your 12 year old puts you in check...

So keeping with the penny pinching...
Jackson can't have any new PJ's either!!!

Only kidding ... he has plenty of PJ's, they
were just in the dirty clothes.
He had several pairs of footed PJ's in his drawer,
but he doesn't like them.
But that was what was clean, so I decided to put them on...

The poor thing was sooooo sleepy last night that he put them on and jumped
into bed...smooth I thought.

He was almost about to drift off to sleep when he sat straight up in bed
and started pulling at his feet and whining that he
"Couldn't feel his blanket!!!!"

I tried to explain that the PJ's would keep his toes warm....
not gonna work...
What's a mom to do....
Cut the feet off...what else!

He was so funny when I cut them off.

He curled up under his blanket and said
"ohhh, that's better...I love my blanket"
He drifted immediately off to sleep and slept the night away.

I just laughed this morning when he was waiting for Austin to get ready for
school.  Sitting on the couch with his little toes stuck out of the ragged little PJ legs.

Just cut those feet right out of the PJ's while he was laying there in bed.

You'll have to excuse me...
I need to go and collect my
"Mother of the Year" award.

Another highlight of the weekend...

Do you play?
I am having a blast playing words with friends on Facebook...
I also have the app on my phone so I can play on the go.
Most of the time I am getting my tail beat, but it's still
a lot of fun...
Don't they say word puzzles keep you young?

Jackson played with puzzles this weekend too.

Betty had bought him a set of 8 Thomas the Tank Engine 
Puzzles for Christmas and he sat down and put 
them all together...all by himself...
without pictures to look at to see how they should look.
I was very impressed.

Of course, everything goes together better when you stick your
tongue out.

Working hard.
By bedtime he had all 8 puzzles put together
and was so proud of himself.
He did tell me each time I would snap a picture
"Quit taking my picture!"
My boys are both at the stage where they 
don't want to have a picture taken.
But, I take it anyway!

The weekend ended on a sad note...
Scott had to leave to go out of town for the week,
and Austin's Patriots lost the Superbowl....
it was a little depressing.

So this week the boys and I are going to just hang out...
I may clean out my closet...
I have been needing to get that done for a while and since
Scott won't be back for a week, I think I could manage to get the
mess cleaned up before he returns.  HA!

And in case you are wondering...
my Mother of the Year award sits right next to my
Houskeeper of the Year award...

Have a great week!

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  1. Bwahahahahahaha!!!! Those little feet all stuck up in the cute!!! I totally get where he's coming from, though. While the pajamas with feet in them are cute to pad around the house, we gotta let our toes be free when we're sleeping! Yes, you DO get Mother of the Year Award for this one! :-)