Monday, February 27, 2012

On Our Way...

To see the Tigers Play!!!

Saturday we headed to the 
Loveliest Village on the Plains 
to watch our Auburn Tigers play some basketball...

We went down with Uncle Jeff, Aunt Ann, Julie and Chris.

We enjoyed a quick walk around campus and stopped by the 
sign in front of Samford Hall for a quick photo opp...

Samford Hall
Auburn University

All four looking at the camera,
at the same time !!!

Then we headed to Toomer's Corner
to visit the trees...

They are not getting off to a good start this spring.
It looks like the poison is going to get the best of them.
If you do not know about the poisoning of the 
Trees at Toomer's Corner you can read about it

We walked on over to Toomer's to get some of the best
Lemonade on earth!
And yes, it is the best....

Love this stuff!!! 

Enjoying our yummy lemonade on the way
to watch the game.
It was such a beautiful day.
A little breezy, but warm.
Perfect for a walk around campus.

The new home of the 
Auburn Tigers 

We settled in to watch Auburn and Arkansas 
play some hoops...
and we were ahead until the very end...

I think I know a few boys who will be
practicing a few free throws this week... wasn't pretty.

We stopped by and took a picture of the 
Coaches Trophy from our
National Championship
Football Season in 2010!!

We had a great time!

Can't wait to go back
for Football Season!!!

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  1. I see Jackson got to wear the shirt he got for Valentine's Day! He was a happy little camper! This looks like such a neat family outing. I know the kids will remember and appreciate these times as they grow older and start their own families. I'm going to click over to see about the poisoning of those trees. I love the shape of the trees, but I don't know anything about their history. I went to a small private college with no sports teams (besides maybe volleyball and lacrosse!) that was almost 100% focused on academics. I missed out on all the fun of team spirit and school colors pride. :-( Hey...thanks for stopping by my place earlier today! This week's installment was a little simpler as I'm preparing to start teaching those tablescaping classes next Tuesday. I am working today on getting one or two tables started. Wish me luck! Have a great week!!!!