Thursday, February 9, 2012

Roses are Red...

Roses are red
Violets are Blue..

I love playing with dishes...
How about you?

I'm such a poet!  HA

I thought I would set my table with the good dishes
for eating at home next Sunday...
 Sunday's were one of those days that we just planned on eating out.
It was just our usual routine,
Church, Eat Out, Nap, Back to Church...

But we have been taking turns with our travel buddies
and alternating at each others houses so we are not
having to cook every Sunday.
We also get to sit around and plan out the little details of our
trip and just enjoy relaxing and taking it easy...

and then take a nap...

Today, I thought I would plan out my table
so I would not be scrambling at the last minute
trying to make it just so...

Won't you come and see... 

The napkin rose was inspired from 

Yvonne gave step by step instructions on how 
to do this napkin fold...
and when I read
No Ironing Required,
I was on board...
you can tell I am not much on ironing from the next shot...
I promise I'll iron the table cloth before our guests come for a visit.

Since Roses are so expensive around Valentine's Day,
I figured that making my own would be better.

I chose to put one in each of the coffee cups...
The leaves were just popped off some artificial hydrangea blooms
that were in the kitchen.  I can just pop them back on 
when I am done using them as leaves for my roses.

A little shot of the rim on my dishes...
stacked on a rosy red charger.

King James silverplate by Oneida

Gorham Cherrywood Iced Tea Goblets

A little candlelight...
I placed the silver Mint Julep cups on the table
to use as a vase on Sunday for a few 
real red roses... 

I also plan to use some flowers and greenery to decorate the 
candle plates in the center of the table.

They need a little something to spruce them up a bit.
I love that these can be used as a centerpiece with the plates,
or you can remove the plate and use a taper candle.
I have also used these on a dessert table before as
a serving piece.

Speaking of dessert...

The buffet has been set for a few sweets to eat.
I am planning on fresh fruit on the tall petit four stand and 
something yummy on the cake pedestal.
And coffee to sip while we enjoy.

Another quick shot of the table with a soft glow...

I think we'll be set for a yummy Sunday dinner...

And one more shot of the napkin roses...
I have to say I think this little fold makes a big impact for 
such a simple little twist...

Our table is set, now to plan what is for lunch.

Thanks for stopping by to visit today.
Be sure to visit Susan and all of the other 
wonderful Valentine tablescapes at

Have a wonderful week and a very
Happy Valentine's Day


  1. Beautiful Sunday dinner table, and what a good idea to rotate so everybody gets a week off, plus a reason to set a special table. Great training for kids. Thanks for sharing you beautiful table. CJ

  2. You did Yvonne proud with your roses, they look great! The table is very pretty, your guests will feel honored!
    I love those candlesticks, very versatile. Do you remember where you got them?

    You are so right about the flowers! This week they raise the prices sky high!

    Have a great weekend!
    I am your newest follower. :)

  3. Hey Kathleen, I bought the candlesticks at a local store called Design World. They sell all kinds of floral's and home decor.

    Thanks for following along!

  4. You and I were separated at birth. No question about it. I have those exact same silver candlesticks that I bought about 10 years ago when I was in business. I also have those plates with the little nib that can fit down into candlesticks! The exact same design! I ALSO have the julep cups, cake plateau, petit four stand and coffee pot!!! Coincidence? I think not! Separated at birth, I tell you!!!!!!!!!!! What I don NOT have, however, is your creative streak (and patience!) to sit there and do those napkins! I may try it someday, but for now.....uh, no! Very pretty, but it looks hard. I don't like hard. Easy (aka, lazy!) is more my style! :-) Your guests will be super impressed and pleased that you thought so much of them as to create a pretty table like this! Have fun!

    1. Ha Ha...I'm patient coming from the one who pinned 42,000 rosebuds on a table cloth last week? It really was easy...not really a fold at all, just rolled it up and then rolled it around...smoosh it in the cup and call it done! Easy Peasy!
      I'll take the separated at birth...Can I have Mom's beautiful Sterling flatware you used this week? Ha Ha!
      Seeing all of your beautiful silver this week got me in the mood to pull some of mine out.

  5. I adore your rose! Each photograph is a joy! Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Very pretty your dishes and the rose napkins came out great!