Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blue Valentine


Earlier this week it was 70 degrees.
This is not winter....
We have just had the most wild weather all year long.
We will probably wind up with two feet of snow in March...
Anyway....I digress...

I thought it would be fun to set the table
for my three little Valentine's.
I had a little help from my littlest Valentine
while I was setting the table so I got a little frazzled.
You know...I didn't want to share my dishes...go play with your
own toys...every thing I would set down, Jackson 
would pick up and say
"ooohhhh, this is pretty"
While I was glad he appreciated my pretty table,
I wanted just a few minutes to play.

I didn't get my few minutes thanks to 
someone refusing to take a nap.
Again...I digress...

I started out with a white table cloth,
which may prove to be a mistake with 
two little messy boys!
Placed my dishes on these square woven placemats 
from World Market
(Thanks, Jackie...I used my Christmas Money to buy these!)

When we think of Valentine's Day everything is 
usually pink and red and dreamy.
With my little boys,
pink makes them twitch, so I decided to 
choose a pale turquoise blue.
I found these polka dot plates on the 
clearance isle at Hobby Lobby one day
several months ago.  I thought they looked 
like spring to me when I bought them, 
but I decided to bring them out to add a touch
of blue to this table.

I found the white dinner plates at TJ Maxx for $9.99 for the set of 4.
Thanks to some Christmas money from Scott's mom,
they followed me home.
I really liked the scalloped edges and thought they 
would be a good mix and match set.

 The little dot detail seemed to go with the polka dots on the turquoise plates.
I pulled out a couple of pieces of my Scarlet Fiesta Ware
to add a little red for the holiday. I only have two place settings 
in Scarlet so I used the bowls at 2 settings and the salad plate
at the other two.

I grabbed my red acrylic handled flatware
for a little more red.

I found the little white heart shaped bowls a Tuesday Morning
for $2.00 a piece and thought they 
would be fun to make a yummy little dessert in for the boys.

Since Jackson was helping me set the table,
I completely forgot to put out any glasses
or a centerpiece. So what's a girl to do? I headed to 
the internet and see if I could "window shop" for some 
cute glasses to add to my table one day...

I found two styles of red goblets at Target
that would look cute with my little 
Valentine's Day setting...

Gibraltar Red Wine Glass.Opens in a new window 

Iris Iced Tea Glasses Set of 6 - Ruby.Opens in a new window

I also saw these pretty aqua blue goblets...

Bubble Glass Aqua Goblet Set of 4

But they will wait...

Scott kept asking my the other day what I wanted for Valentine's Day.
I was trying to be good and told him just to skip it this that money for 
our trip...but he kept asking if I had come up with any ideas.
Maybe a new set of glasses, honey!
(When he reads this, he may regret asking that question...
or tell me I was right, we need to save that for the trip...Ha Ha!)

Thanks for stopping by...
Are you setting a sweet table for your sweetheart?

Hop on over 

Be sure to go and see what other lovely tables 
have been set.  So many ideas and beautiful
dishes all in one place.


  1. Love the polka dots!! and I always love red mixed with Blue or turqoise. Nice job!


  2. Hi neighbor. I live up the road in Elkmont. :) Small world. I just ran across your blog from Between Naps on the Porch. I lve the color combinations.

  3. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your Tablescape for your family. You did a wonderful job putting this all together so much fun.I really liked the scalloped edges dinner dishes to mix and match with your other dishes. I was a great Idea I do this all the time sweet lady.
    I see Im a follower on your blog already.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful week.
    XXOO Diane

  4. I love the blue mixed with the red! And I'm glad to know World Market is a source for those wonderful placemats. I've been wanting a set! Very clever to locate the perfect glasses for your table online!

    1. I ordered mine online...Unfortunately, or maybe it is fortunate, but we do not have a World Market near me. The closest one if about 100 miles away. But they were really nice when I got them in. So glad I went ahead and ordered them. They will be fun to use this summer

  5. You are not alone, my dear. When my granddaughter was here, she wanted to "help" with the table, and I just about ground my teeth to the gums!!! Funny how setting a table is such a "personal" experience for some of us! :-) The turquoise blue plates really kick your table up a notch! It's an unexpected color that really catches the eye! Great idea to use the beaded edge dinner plates to complement the polka dots! Hey, if you're ever online and run across some reasonably priced pink stemware, please let me know! The red and turquoise you found are all pretty! Hope you get some for Valentine's Day! Thanks for stopping by my place earlier today! Believe me, I did just what you said you knew you would do because I didn't have an underage audience! :-) Take care!

  6. Ooh, I am with you - those blue glasses are fabulous! I love the addition of the blue. The whole time I was doing my table, I kept wondering when Valentines turned from romantic night with just me and honey to the kids wanting to be loved!!! I guess as soon as they could figure Valentines out. I guess I love them too, but I have been thinking about it a lot and chuckling.

  7. I love the addition of blue polka dots to your Valentine's table. This is quite a sweet table. What great glasses you've picked out. You'll have to let us know which set comes wrapped with a bow from your fellas for Valentines!

  8. Very pretty Valentine's Day tablescape! The turquoise blue looks great with it!

    I'm originally from Huntsville, AL, have been in FL for 46 years! Still have family in H'ville.


  9. The aqua is the perfect touch for a Valentines tables for your three boys. Love the new goblets. Thank you for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  10. Great table, especially for a house full of boys!! What a great idea to break from the red and pink! Love the glasses your thinking of. I adore red glasses especially since they are so versatile. Maybe you'll get a little surprise??? Hope so!

  11. What a pretty table -- it is a Valentine's table but I love the colors you used. Those polka dot plates lend just the perfect note!

  12. Every boy needs some blue and the aqua plates are great for Valentine's Day! The heart shape bowls will be perfect and the price is terrific for dessert for your family! I love the aqua goblets and they would be wonderful with your plates. Happy Tablescaping! Pam