Thursday, December 29, 2011

We have arrived at Nana's house,
I don't know who is happier...
Jackson or the Dog!
What is it about little boys and dogs?
These two are like little peas in a pod.
Tweedy has been so happy to have Jackson around this week.
Every day Jackson lets her in the back door....
and she runs in as fast as she can!
She is an outside dog unless it is
extremely cold...or if Jackson is in town!

No, Aunt Leisa...she did not lick Jackson in the face, I promise!
These two have been side by side
and having a ball.

Nana has been making all kinds of yummy treats and
Jackson is enjoying the fine art of
licking the beater...

Today has been the nicest day so far, so we all
got out and got some fresh air.

Jackson and the dog ran and played catch

and ran and played chase

And we explored the barn...

and down by the pond...

The dog thought it would be fun to take a quick swim,
but then decided that it was a little cold in there and
jumped out as quickly as she jumped in!

We enjoyed spending some time walking around the farm
and taking in the sights.

And Nana got a late Christmas present.
The man that farms on their land brought
Momma and Daddy a fresh load of gravel for their driveway.
She said that was about the best present she had ever gotten.
sometimes it's the little things in life.

We have been ejoying the laid back country life
the last few days, but our time is coming to an end.
Austin's break will be over soon and there are
Christmas decorations waiting at home to be
packed away for next year.

On to make plans for the New Year!


  1. It is SO important and SO good for children to experience this kind of living!!!! So many kids grow up never getting the chance to get out on the farm and just cut loose in the open space. It's a whole different kind of life, one that every kid should get a taste of. In the summer they can do stuff like fish or pick fresh fruits or veggies. They can get out and run and get lots of exercise just like Jackson did during this visit. They can just get a much-needed break from all the hustle & bustle and electronically powered world to which we "city folk" are so accustomed. My parents would drive us up to the farm where my paternal grandparents lived about once a month. I HATED it because I was such a pampered little prissy princess. I hated bugs and the smell of farm animals and the well water and the other "weird" stuff. My siblings LOVED it! But looking back, I am thrilled to have had the experience. I did enjoy seeing my country cousins and playing in the corn fields. I loved swinging on the tire on a rope at my cousin's house. I loved the taste of freshly picked fruits and vegetables. Not so fond of having to eat a chicken I was playing with just hours prior, but when you're hungry you just get over it! :-) Just glad to see another kid getting a taste of a different world that will make him momre appreciative of life when he's older. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week. I didn't respond sooner because I've been sick since Tuesday. Somebody at the Christmas Day celebration was a Typhoid Mary who got 11 of us sick!!! We came down with cold/flu-like symptoms that had us dealing with a sore throat, fever & chills, coughing and sniffling. I felt so bad that I didn't even post on BNOTP!! You know I MUST have been sick!!! ;-) Feeling much better today, though, so I'm catching up. Have a very safe and happy New Year's Eve!

  2. How wonderful for you and your family to have Nan's farm to visit. I am also a Nana to my Grand-children. I wish they could visit more often. We have 26 acres for the kids to romp around in. We don't have a barn, however we have plenty of other things to do. We have a pool, sand volleyball court, horsehoe pit, basketball and plenty of trails to explore. Jackson is very fortunate to have all of this to enrich his childhood. Looks like a happy time for Jackson and Tweedy. What a wonderful gift of Nana's neighbors to bring in gravel. That makes for a truly great neighborhood. Happy New Year to you and your family.