Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Orange and Blue Holiday

This week has been  a Blue holiday week.
Scott has been out of town this week and I am being a little
bit of a baby about it.  I hate when he has to travel around the holidays.
But today I had myself a little pep talk and reminded myself that
it is just a few more days...last year it was the whole month of December...
and I need to be thankful he has a job.  So many people are out of work
and having a hard time this holiday season.

So, I decided that I would go with the Blue
and add a little Orange to it!

Austin's tree has been up in his room for a couple of weeks,
but it never was decorated.  I asked him if he wanted to do it.
He said he would, but wanted to wait until the weekend.
The weekend has now come and gone and the tree still stood there...

So today, Jackson and I took care of it.

Austin has a collection of Danbury Mint ornaments
that my brother started for him a few years ago.
Every year in May, they send us a new one.
They are always so festive and the most beautiful
shade of Orange and Blue!

Each one is dated.  I can't wait until he had one GIANT
tree decorated with ornaments through the years.

This is not a Danbury ornament, but is another fun
Auburn tree ornament.  On Santa's scroll it says,
"Wish list:

I guess we have to learn that Santa
cannot grant us every Christmas wish, huh.
(We got stomped this year...of well, there's always next year...)

Here is this year's ornament.
I thought the car was pretty fitting for this family.
Austin is following in Scott's foot steps in his love
of old cars.  Like Father, Like Son.

Here is another one form 2006.
Also fitting seeing how much Austin LOVED trains when he was little.

I had told Austin that if I decorated his tree something
"Foo-Fee" might be put on it.
All I can say is...
He was warned.

I had some orange Deco mesh left over from a wreath project
and some orange and blue sparkly picks,
so I just smooshed it all up and slapped it on top.
I love that stuff!
There is no going wrong with it.

Austin's collection of Memory Company Auburn Santa's across
the top of his chest.

Mom found these for me one year at the Chicago Cutlery
outlet in Missouri.
They originally sold for about $40 or $50 I think,
but they had them on clearance for $9.99

Not a big market for Auburn University merchandise in Missouri!
She snatched up every one they had and let's just say a whole
lot of my friends got Auburn Santa's and Snowmen that Christmas.

We don't put presents under this tree,
so I filled it up with some throw pillows to take up the space.

All ready for a
War Eagle

I hope he likes his tree when he gets home from school.

Well, one more item marked off my list!
Now I need to get downstairs and start
wrapping all of the presnts I have so far
and see what is left to rush out and get.

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