Saturday, December 24, 2011

Let the Festivities Begin!

Tonight we went over the river and through the woods.
We celebrated Christmas with Scott's family tonight.
Jackson was so excited...He was ready for some

He curled up with Papa and tried to hold still long enough
to have his picture taken, but this is the best I could get.

Chris and Austin ready and waiting.
They are getting to the age that their favorite
kind of Christmas present are the ones that are
green, if you know what I mean. 

Jackson waisted no time getting straight to work.
He has this present thing down pat this year!
You can't see all of his shirt but it says
I really tried...

I really tried has a check mark in the box next to it...
This shirt cracks me up, because it explains just about
every day with Jackson...
he's trying...

This is the only picture I got of Julie,
she was busy opening her loot behind Jackson.

Aww Yeah!  Lincoln Logs!!!
Jackson loves to build so these are right
up his alley! 

Watch out!  Papa's got a new rifle

Scott helped Mam ma get her new toy up and running.

And check out what I got...
yep...dishes!  Yippee
and a set of beautiful silver chargers
that will look very nice under my new china from mom.

We thought the big boys were out of the toys stage
and that is why they got money...but before the night was
through, they were racing Jackson's remote control cars
and Chris had made a small farm from Lincoln Logs...

We had a great time with family,
ate some wonderful food,
and are now on to the next celebration...


  1. Love your new silver chargers. Looks like a very Merry Christmas. I am your newest follower. Linda

  2. Hey, Sandra! I am laughing out loud right now about that last bit. Boys will be boys, and they never grow out of it even when they become young men! Chris did a good job with that log cabin with the stack of wood out front. Very good! What's that they say about boys and their toys? I would still be working on it this time NEXT year!!! :-) Good to know everyone was happy with their gifts. It melted my heart to see Scott's Mom with that computer. Cool! My Mom is nearly 83 and a total electronics nut!!! It's wonderful to see older people enjoy those things! And I see Santa was good to you, too! Hooray!!! Can't wait to see it all in future tablescapes!