Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

Well, sort of...

Since Jackson can't read a calendar yet,
and we needed to travel on Sunday right after church,
Santa came a day early to visit with Austin and Jackson.

Austin was leading Jackson back to see what Santa had
brought to our two little boys that made the "nice" list this year.

Jackson wakes up like his momma...
in a fog, so he always needs a little guidance from his
Big Brother to help him figure out what is going on.

Jackson slowly started to figure out that there were
new toys ready and waiting for him to play with.

He had it figured out pretty quick and got straight to work playing with
his new Hot Wheels race track!

Then Austin reminded him that there was a stocking!
He went straight to work searching to see what Santa
had stuffed in his stocking.

By this point, Austin was getting impatient.
Jackson was content playing with his new race track...
not even realizing that there were more
toys to be opened in the other room.

Austin finally convinced Jackson that it was time to
go and open the presents under the tree...but he stopped
to read his note from Russell, our Elf on the Shelf.

Jackson also took this opportunity to eat the leftover cookies we left
for Santa for breakfast...
and then they were off to open the rest of their presents.

Austin went straight to work and separated them out...
and then got down to business.

Austin was excited to get a new Carhartt coat...

Jackson got a new race track...

Austin also got a new lap desk to use with his computer...

and a new Air soft gun for some
target shooting.
(Ha HA-- I finally got a picture of Ausitn's head!  He kept holding his
presents in front of his face to avoid the camera...but I GOT HIM!)

Jackson also got him a new
or as we all know it...
a Corvette!
This little boy has a slight obsession for
American muscle cars...
Corvette, Camaro and Mustangs.
He can spot them all driving down the road and that is all
he kept saying he wanted for Christmas.
So he got his hot wheels, in remote control cars
and anything else we could come up with!

I think both boys had a really good Christmas!
It is getting harder and harder to get good pictures
of the boys on Christmas morning. 
 I remember when Austin was little and it was just him,
 he would calmly open his presents and let us take a picture of him
with each present...not any more.
They are both ripping through those packages and paper is flying everywhere!

The boys had the day to spend playing with their new presents
and Scott and I spent the day packing up
to travel to see Nana and Grandpa for a few days.

Hope everyone had a wonderful time with their families
this year.  We were all spread out this year and did not get to
spend time with some and missed them dearly.

Now comes the clean up!
All those decorations have to come down.
I guess now is as good a time as any to get started on my
New Year's Resolution to get organized...

We'll see how it goes!

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