Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Two a Days....For the Holidays

During Football season in the South you hear about
Two-A-Days where the players will practice twice
a day to get in all of their workouts before the
weather gets too hot.

Well...it's defiantly not hot here anymore,
but, apparently I have a lot of Christmas dishes and need to
use two sets a week to get it all in.
 I missed the first week of December since we were
out of town, so today I played catch up!
It is cold and nasty outside today and Austin is home
sick so what a better way to spend the day...
playing with dishes...and a little decorating.

I found these cute melamine plates at
Wal-Mart this year and thought they would be good
to use for Breakfast with Santa...

The Dinner plates are cute red and white candy cane striped

     and the salad plates are random candy canes and peppermint candies

They even had two different styles of glasses that matched
the salad plates.  I could not decide between the ones
with stems and the tumblers so I got them both. 

The flatware is Cambridge...a little set I picked up at Ross
a while back that has just been sitting in the cabinet waiting
for the holidays to roll around.

The place mats are from Tuesday Morning.
When I saw Santa with his head stuck in the chimney,
I laughed out loud!  That is about how I feel
during the hectic holiday season.

I grabbed a bunch of Holiday colored flowers
from the grocery store and arranged them in my
Pfaltzgraff Heritage water pitcher and
we were good to go.

Here is a shot of the tumbler that
matched the plates...and the cute candy cane reusable straws
that I found at the Dollar Tree.

I also decided to set the Dining Room table
for the holidays as well.

This year my mother bought me a set of
new dishes for Christmas.
(insert happy dance)

They are Mikasa's Platinum Crown.
Both sets of my formal china have a gold band around them
and I wanted something with a silver band and these fit the bill
perfectly.  Thanks to a great sale at Macy's they fit right onto
my Christmas List.

 Since they are giving Snow in the forecast here tomorrow
(which is totally insane!!! I do still live in the South, Right?)
I thought a sparkly, snowy table was in order.

Mercury glass is everywhere this year
so I was so excited when I found these sets of Mercury Glass trees.
 I actually bought these last summer at Costco.
 The set of three mercury glass trees
was only $11 so I had to buy two sets!

I used my mirrored place mats and I promise that I really did
iron the table cloth, but you sure can't tell from this picture.

The napkin rings are not rings at all...
they were Christmas Ornaments!
I used the hanging cord to gather the napkin and just set them on top
of the place settings.

The Silver Lantern came from Old Time Pottery
and the Mercury Glass candle sticks came from TJMaxx. 

I used my Gorham "Cherrywood" crystal
and my Oneida "King James" silverplate to finish out the table.

I was going to light the candles and take a picture of the
soft glow, but I could not find a match to save my life!
I guess we have hidden things from Jackson so well
that we can't find them ourselves! 

 So the tables are set,
won't you join us?

I even took my table decorating to the ceiling.
I had decided earlier that I wanted to decorate my light fixtures this year.
I had woven the garland around, but that was as far as I had gotten.
I picked up a few little sparkly glass snowflake looking ornaments and
silver icicles, after weaving some ribbon and attempting to make
some bows, I think I am done.

I'll be joining the fun at
make sure to check out all of the other beautiful
tables that everyone has put together for the holidays!

I am off to try and finish the Christmas decorating
around the house and get the mess cleaned up that it has left


  1. What a cute & fun breakfast setting, so sweet! You dinner setting is breathtaking, love all the silver and mercury glass.

  2. Your breakfast table is so delightful and your formal table is so elegant. SO nice of your mom to give you those pretty formal china. I love your mercury glass trees. Lovely table!...Christine

  3. Your breakfast table is so delightful and your formal table is so elegant. SO nice of your mom to give you those pretty formal china. I love your mercury glass trees. Lovely table!...Christine

  4. So pretty! I love your new china and your Santa table is very cute!! Thanks for your sweet comment!

  5. Sandra,
    I adore the whimsy of the breakfast table set for Santa! We, too, have two sons and I know what a happy time this is for all of you! Your dining room tablescape all in white and silver with a rim of gold is elegant! I love what you did to the chandelier! Makes such an impression! Thank you for stopping by with your sweet comment and visit On Crooked Creek...it will be nice to enjoy a meal without the threat of having to rush out the door to work!!!

  6. Both of your tablescapes are wonderful! I love that one is whimsical & the other more formal. The mercury glass trees are beautiful.

  7. Love both your settings!!! I especially love the mirror "placemats"- really pretty!! Thanks for visiting me!! Love, ~ Nana~

  8. We are a sports driven family so we know all about "2 a days!"
    I love both but your silver tablescape is so elegant!
    Thank you for popping by my place!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  9. Hello, Sandra. Thanks for visiting me and commenting on my chickadee tablescape. Love your two, very different, very pretty tables--one for the kids (or kids at heart), one for adults who appreciate the shimmer and glow. I'm going to follow you; I hope you'll do the same. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  10. Love it all. Love the plates of your simple table for 4.Especially the stripey ones. The flowers are lovely too. The silver of the more formal table is gorgeous. The chandelier looks so pretty.

  11. Now all you need are the people to enjoy your fun and wonderful tablescapes. There's no such thing as too many dishes so enjoy them all.
    Thanks for dropping by. Do come again.

  12. Hi Sandra! Wow, what a wonderful blog. I love your tables, both of them. The red and white dishes from Walmart are a great find for Christmas! yay! Loved browsing around.
    Your newest follower

  13. Hi, Sandra,
    Thanks for the sweet comment.
    Both your tables are so different but so pretty. Love the whimsical placemats, too. The second table is so elegant. I need more Christmas dishes. :)

  14. Your candy cane table is so cute! I just love it. Perfect for kids or a fun adult meal. The dining table is elegant and sophisticated. I love the napkin ring idea and will be looking to borrow that.

  15. Those Walmart plates are the cutest, they look great in your kitchen. You know you have no reply set on your comments. If someone wants to send you a comment back they have to come to your blog. It is under settings. You have to allow replies.

  16. Hi lovely lady.
    I also love your fun breakfast setting, your formal dinning room with your elegant tablescape is Gorgeous!! I love your China with the mercury glass tree. I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new tablescape Christmas in the park. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  17. Both tables are just wonderful!
    The cute breakfast one, I almost bought those the other day and that magical, elegant table with the trees is spectacular!
    Well done!!

  18. Love love both tables. The candy is fabulous! I would love to sit at that table.. I also loved the silver.. gorgeous new china!! gorgeous table.. xo marlis

  19. With little kids melamine is the way to go! That's a cute table in the kitchen! Your dining room table looks beautiful and I love the mercury glass trees you found- (great buy!) The china looks beautiful with everything else. Looks like you are all ready! Happy Holidays! ~Liz

  20. Hi Sandra! Thank you so much for visiting me! I love both of your tables. The dishes for the breakfast table are fabulous-bright and cheery! I love the formal set of dishes too...very elegant and perfect! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  21. I love all of the silver and the new dishes are beautiful. It all looks lovely.

  22. I think both tables are wonderful. The one in the breakfast room is adorable with the Christmasy colors and Santa with his head in the chimney. (Yep. I feel that way too)

    I have the opposite problem with china. All of mine is edged in silver, and at Christmas I like a little gold. I love the set your mom gave you for Christmas. That table is so elegant.

  23. So pretty and festive! Love the silver tablescape! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  24. Cold? Snow? What's going on???!?!?! The South is NOT what it used to be!!! I just never have pictured Alabama as being cold by ANY stretch of the imagination. The world is upside-down, isn't it!? Both tables are cool, and I LOVE the placemats!!! What fun! I'm sure the boys get a kick out of them, too! Your Mikasa china is just gorgeous!!! Lucky girl! I'm late getting around to all the blog posts again this week. I hope Austin is feeling much better by now. Take care!!!