Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mix up -- Switch up

So while Austin's furniture is on order
we are on the hunt for new bedding...
he says he just wants another
solid, Navy Blue comforter.
I may do it, just to avoid having to take him
shopping....cause he loves it so much...

But Jackson on the other hand is too young to have an
opinion on the "style" of his bedroom...
so I am starting to make a plan!

Austin's furniture will move into Jackson's room. 
The yellow paint will have to go...
which I don't think either of us will be sad to see...
we have never been that fond of the color, but
after the 82 coats it took
I didn't want to pick another one out!

I have asked Scott to do some
board and batten detailing on his walls.
I think Scott has agreed to go along...
I may need to bat my eyes a little more.

We are going to paint the majority of the room white,
and then above the board and batten
Navy Blue...
I would like to paint the ceiling a light gray/blue,
but I have not sprung that on Scott,
so if he looks at me cross eyed I think I'll have to
let that one go.

I would like to paint his furniture a deep red.
I am going to keep the Navy Blue comforter that
Austin already has and use these sheets.

I also found these prints on Etsy.
I think they will look really nice in there.
I may not order the navy mats and look for some
at Hobby Lobby that are
white with a dark blue double mat...
frame them in a simple pewter frame
and then hang them against the dark navy wall.

Here is the pillow that matches the sheets.
I looked at the quilt that matches and it is not
a pieced quilt.  If that makes sense.
Instead of being actual different pieces of fabric it is just
screen printed on the fabric.
So I wasn't a big fan.
I am going to try to find a coordinating plaid
 to match up with the pillow and sheets.

I saw this whole idea on

She does some really neat things with decorating on the cheap.
She finds amazing things at Goodwill and other thrift stores
and adds paint and such and makes them look great.
So that is where I totally stole the idea!
Her little boys' room turned out very cute, so I think
Jackson's new Airplane room
will turn out pretty neat too!
Maybe I'll send here a picture of his room when it's done.
They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.
So hopefully she'd like it...

We are off to pick up Austin.
They said we were getting snow today,
so school was delayed until 10:30.
This day has gone by fast!
Oh yeah...and then we are on the way to
take Jackson to the Doctor...
He's sick....again!!
I am so ready for Spring...

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