Friday, January 21, 2011

What a Friday....

Are we ever going to get back to normal???

We have snow, AGAIN!! usually I am as excited as the next about some
snow in the south...but this is getting a little out of hand!

Austin's school was delayed this morning until 9:30.
And when Austin jumped out at the door we realized
he had forgotten his gym clothes...
not the end of the world, but I ran home and brought them back.
This is how Jackson looked when he went in to see Mrs. Joan
in the office.

NICE, Huh?

He had decided that the bottom of the icing cup from
cinnamon bites this morning needed to be licked clean...


And this is his...
"why on earth are you taking my picture...
wasn't taking me out in public bad enough?"


We are getting ready for some big changes around here!
We ordered Austin some new furniture this week.
After taking several furniture shopping trips last week, we finally
found a set that we all could agree on...
and believe wasn't easy!
And I might have just picked out two or three sets
that I would have liked to put in my bedroom, too.
I decided not to push my luck!

So, this is his bedroom furniture!
It's the Martini Suite from Ashley.
However...if you are in the market for furniture and live in
North Alabama or Southern Tennessee
or even Western Georgia...
take a little trip to
there is a furniture store in Ft. Payne, AL called
Akins Furniture...
they were able to order our furniture for
$700 less than the actual Ashley Store!!!
And the price the Ashley store gave us...
it was "supposedly" a 40% off Sale Price

I think he's excited! 
He's not going to know what to do in that big bed!
He's slept in a twin since he came out of his baby bed!

With Austin's new furniture arrival means that his old
furniture will move into Jackson's room!
Poor little thing is about to get too big for his baby bed.
He looks so cramped in there.

So with new furniture comes a little redecorating and rearranging!
Austin's room will stay the same with the exception of finding
him some new bedding.  Which may turn out to be as
fun as finding him the furniture.
(insert tones of sarcasm here)

And then to decide what to do with Jackson's room.
Austin's furniture needs to be repainted before we set it up
in Jackson's room. And the yellow Nursery walls will
need a new coat of paint.

So I think we are going to make a run to
Lowe's some time today and start
getting some paint samples!
We also need to find a chest of drawers
 for Jackson's new room!

Better get things cleaned up around here for the great

Oh...and they are giving snow again for Monday and Tuesday

Is it spring yet??

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