Friday, January 7, 2011

Sickies and a Little Ray of Sunshine!

Well we are on week 5 of Scott being gone and
sickness is still falling upon our house.

Someone has been sick (and sometimes, several of us
at the same time) since before THANKSGIVING!!!
and to be quite honest
we are SICK of being SICK!!!!
Wednesday afternoon I started not feeling well,
still felt bad on Thursday so I loaded up and went to the Doctor...
I have strep
and it has just about knocked me on my backside!
Luckily, Jackson has been very entertained with movies...
at times....the same one over and over!
But it is working for us right now.

Tonight, we received a special treat...
Joy and Michele went and bought us groceries
and brought me Chinese for dinner...
and some beautiful flowers to
brighten my day!

Normally, the grocery thing would not have been such a big deal...
except they are giving SNOW in the forecast...
lots of snow...

And what were we out of...
milk and bread
and Jackson goes through the milk like we own a dairy farm!

So last night when Joy called to check on me she said
"Tell me what I can do"
and I said
"Bring Jackson Milk!"
so she told me to make a list and off to the store they went today!
I think that was the best thing EVER!!

Knowing we didn't have to get out in the cold...
out in the crowds...
made me feel better
even though my meds are not!
Hopefully I'll be back to normal in a day or two...
and the weekend is here so we plan on sleeping LATE
and just being lazy!

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