Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Storm of 2011

Last night when we went to bed this is what the top of the table
on the deck looked like...

And this morning we had just a teeny, tiny bit more!!!

WOW....we have snow everywhere!!!
It is AWESOME!!!
I say "is" because it has not gone anywhere today!!!

Jackson could not wait to get out and play in the snow.
Since we are not used to having this much snow...ever...
we are not prepared with all of the snow gear that one
needs to play in the snow.
Jackson didn't have any shoes that would not just soak through,
so we had to improvise...
grocery bags and duct tape

I'm not sure if the measuring tape was all the way to the ground...
but we had between 6-8 inches of snow....
white, beautiful, fluffy snow!!!

Our neighbors let the boys ride on their sled behind the
four wheeler...
Jackson had more fun riding on the actual 4-wheeler
rather than the sled.

Heading up the drive and ready to ride!

Coming back around....
The boys absolutely had a BLAST!

A snow day is not complete without a
Ours is sporting his Orange and Blue...
There's a BIG GAME on case you haven't heard.
Our Auburn Tigers are playing for the
Warrrrr Eagle HEY!!!

We tried to run the go kart around, but
there was TOO MUCH SNOW!!!
That just seemed so weird to hear
in Alabama!!!

We had a great time playing in the snow.
Came in and made some chili to keep us warm
and then made some snow cream.

We received word late this evening
that School is out again tomorrow
Whoo Hoo!!!
Another day to play!!!

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